Our Major Goals

”   Achieve some of the stolen Justice by providing a decent and            safe life for many poor families and children here in gaza     “

  • Providing Charitable and Humanitarian services to people in need, especially Khan Younis.
  • Providing supportive means for school education.
  • Contribute to alleviate the suffering of some poor families by providing a monthly payments, which helps     them to pay the obligations.
  • Drawing a smile on the faces of children in kindergarten.

Our completed works

Draw a smile in kindergartens
Distribution of winter clothes

Distribution of Vegetables

Distribution of food basket

About US

We are volunteer individuals working to provide relief for poor families and children here and the life in the besieged GAZA Strip.

We decide to start the establishment of our charity and relief that aims to alleviate the suffering of poor families and children in the GAZA Strip.

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